How we can help

There are three main ways in which we can help you transition to futureproof education.



inspiring a commitment to change

Build commitment to change through an inspiring talk that lays out the state of the world today and the imperative for a new form of education. It can include a description of how the change process works, examples of best practices as well as motivation for the individual to be bold and make it happen. A sure way to get the conversation going internally and find the first innovators who are ready to start. Talks are possible in English and Dutch.



Facilitating the transition

What we hear most often from educators is that they get the vision but can't imagine how they get their institution to go there. It is precisely in combining innovative education experience with transition expertise that we can make the vision come real. We work with top transition facilitators who know how to include the human as well as organisational elements of change. There's no excuse now for not taking that first step!



Co-creating new content

Transitions in Education people have experience of designing whole new educational institutions as well as the micro-details of new curricula and educational programs - working together with teachers and staff. The power of our approach lies in the parallel development of innovative new content with the institutional transition that enables that new content to come to life. Educators know what needs to be done - we create the conditions for them to do it.