Our Mission

Peter Merry on the state of the world and the kind of education needed to respond adequately. He describes Ubiquity University as an example of an institute forged from the future. At the Dutch congress on personalised education in Utrecht, 23 January 2018. See www.ubiquityuniversity.org and www.transitionsineducation.com.
Where your talents meet the needs of the world; therein lies your vocation.
— Aristotle


Human civilisation is currently going through an unprecedented era of change. The best way that 1700 leaders in IBM's CEO study could describe it was as "hyper-complexity". That means they don't have a clue how to navigate it and they say they are not getting the talent they need from the current education system to help them. That's no surprise - our current educational institutions were designed for the industrial revolution and some practices haven't evolved since Plato. Of all the institutions in our societies, education is probably the one that has been most held in the past by governments. That needs to change.

We need to both face the very real challenges that humanity is currently facing, outlined for example in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and release the individual learner to find a way to bring their passion and talent to bear on those challenges. 

Most educators seem to agree. The problem they bump up against is how to shift their current educational institutions to the place we know they need to be. Transitions in Education is designed to support educators with expertise and experience in both futureproof education and the transition processes to get there. With Dock20's network of innovative educators and Synnervate's expertise in integral transition process, everything is in place to make this happen.

The question now is: are you ready to take the first step?